One day casting workshop on the 2nd of September 2018 from 11am to 7pm on Deptford High Street. £20 fees including material and lunch. If you want silver please bring your own. Otherwise we will provide cooper/brass. Contact us
Workshop organized by Comet Workshop w. Amy Rodriguez and Charlotte Taillet. With the support of Comet Radio.

1/ Cut the cuttlefish bone in half and rub the two sides until they fit flush.
2/ Carve a design into the cuttlebone.
3/ Melt the metal in a crucible.
4/ Pour the molten metal into the mold through the sprue.
5/ The sprue is sawed off and the finished piece is polished.

Cuttlebone is the chalky internal shell of a squid-like mollusk known as the cuttlefish. It has a hard crust on the outside which surrounds the internal softer shell. The soft side is composed of a calcium carbonate and is almost pure calcium.